Our Top 3 eating & drinking in Bali

There is such a vast choice of eating & drinking options in Bali. Part of the experience is discovering your own favourite places.

However, if we were to go back to Bali these are the places that would definitely be on our list for a return visit…

Our top 3 eating & drinking in Bagan

So eating & drinking is probably not the main reason for visiting Bagan and after long days of exploring temples, we weren’t looking for fine dining or fancy cocktail bars. But we did manage to find a few gems that offered some great food. Also worth noting that when we visited at the end of…

Our top 3 eating & drinking in Yangon

From cocktails and afternoon tea at The Strand Hotel to budget noodles at 999 Shan Noodle Street, Yangon has plenty of options for all travelers.