Our top 3 eating & drinking in Bagan

So eating & drinking is probably not the main reason for visiting Bagan and after long days of exploring temples, we weren’t looking for fine dining or fancy cocktail bars. But we did manage to find a few gems that offered some great food.

Also worth noting that when we visited at the end of January, it got really cool in the evenings after the sun went down. That took us a bit by surprise so be sure to bring a jumper and long pants for dinner.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

1. Star Beam Restaurant, New Bagan – we ate here both nights during our stay in Bagan and it was always packed with people so it must have been good. Nice selection of dishes – we went for the grilled chicken. Their salads were awesome – not sure what dressing they used but if they sold it by the bottle, we would have taken a few home. Cheap cocktails, although the mojito didn’t taste much like a mojito to be honest. The local beer was good though. And cold. Very cold. Just what we wanted after a long dusty day on the bikes.

2. Be Kind to Animals, The Moon Restaurant, Old Bagan – You will find this place in pretty much every review of Bagan. Listed as one of the top restaurants on TripAdvisor and other travel sites. It’s in an amazing setting for a relaxing lunch. You can find it just off the main road after passing the city walls coming out of Bagan and taking a right as if going to the Ananda temple. You’ll start to see some stalls selling local crafts and then on the left you’ll see “the Moon” – a very quaint bistro style place with lush plants and trees providing shade for the tables outside, covered in red-check tablecloths. Hanging plants and Myanmar style paper umbrellas add to the ambience. We opted for the guacamole followed by veggie burgers washed down with a couple of fresh juices. We devoured it all.

3. Sarabha Restaurant, Old Bagan – This is another great place for a quick spot of lunch. We had been awake from around 4.30am that morning to get the flight from Yangon so we were famished by 11am and this seemed to be one of the few places serving lunch at that time. It’s on the right hand side on the main road just after you leave Old Bagan through Tharabar Gate. I went for the chicken noodle soup (seemingly a staple of the Myanmar diet) and Dan opted for salad. Great size portions and cheap while the staff couldn’t have done more to help.

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