Our top 3 Bagan temples

Every hotel in Bagan will be able to give you a map showing all the main temples and how to get there. Don’t just stick to the temples on that map though. We saw some amazing places that weren’t featured, including our favourite Temple for sunset.

IMG_5753The best way to see all the temples in Bagan is to rent an electric motorbike bike. Normal price is around 10,000 Kyat but we managed to haggle down to 7,000 Kyat (SGD$7.50) for the day. Not only did it give us the freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted but it also made us feel a bit like Lara Croft or Nathan Drake on our own little Tomb Raider/Unchartered adventure.

There are so many temples to choose from and your experience of each will depend on a number of factors: different times of the day; how many other people are there; and/or how the light shines through the Temples.

Here are our Top 3:

1. Dhammayangyi Temple – this is one of the largest Temples and you’ll find it on any map. One of the reasons we loved it so much was because we went at dusk, just after watching the sunset at North Guni Temple. We sneaked in just before the gates closed so we were the only people there which gave it a slightly eerie atmosphere.

2. Sulumani Temple – this was one of the most visited Temples in Bagan but it was badly damaged by the 2016 earthquake which means it has been partially closed off. Even then, it is still one of the most impressive and we loved taking our motorbikes over the dusty fields to get up close and personal.


3. Shwegugyi Temple – We loved this temple as there were staircases to take you up to the higher levels where you can take amazing photographs of the Bagan skyline and get that perfect instagram moment.

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