Ultimate video diary: James Bond island

So James Bond island is actually called Khao Ping Kan but locals as well as tourists now refer to it by its new name thanks to the scene in The Man with the Golden Gun where Nick Nack oversees a shooting duel between James Bond and arch villain Scaramanga.

That scene, with the limestone island jutting out of the turquoise waters in the background, has made it a favourite stop off point for day trips out of both Phuket and Krabi.

While you can choose a bus trip to get there, by far the best way to experience it is with a speedboat tour, which includes a number of other stop offs, making it an ideal day for exploring the impressive nature and scenery of Phang Nga bay.


Despite raining for pretty much the whole day, it didn’t dampen our spirits. The first stop was a kayak trip which took you through some of the other limestone rock formations that rise out of Phang Nga bay.  Then it was off to James Bond island itself where we queued up with boat loads of tourists all trying to get pictures with the famous backdrop.

After a traditional Thai lunch on the floating village Koh Panyee where you get to see a traditional Thai way of life, it was off for a trek through mangrove caves on another island, which was arguably our favourite part of the tour. Finally, it was a stop-off at Naka island, which had it not been raining would have been a nice end to a great day trip.  In the end, we had to settle for a nice cold Singha beer before the trip back to Phuket.

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