From Europe to Singapore, South East Asia and beyond…

We’re a couple who love to travel.  Being based in Singapore means we’re spoilt for choice for weekend getaways with some amazing desinations on our doorstep.

For the same price as it would be to get from Edinburgh to Barcelona for the weekend, we can pack our bags on a Friday after work and be anywhere from Malaysia to Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam.  And like most people living in Singapore we want to make the most of it.

Having been constantly asked by our friends and family for recommendations for where to go when they visit us, we thought why not share our travel diaries with other people who might be looking to travel to South East Asia.

We’re Catalan and Scottish – both cultures known for being thrifty. So we don’t stay in luxury hotels and we don’t eat in Michelin star restaurants. But we’re not backpackers either.  And we do have amazing holidays.

We do a lot of research so we’ve been able to find some unusual and interesting places. The destination guides are not meant to be exhaustive. I’m sure there are just as good things to do as our Top 3 choices but they are our stories, our experiences.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and we’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or ask us a question.

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